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Senior Logistics Engineer

Erlanger, KY · Architecture/Engineering
The Senior Logistics Engineer is responsible for the design and planning of routes that account for customer service, operations support, efficient routing, truck and facility capacity, customer constraints, and cost management.  This person understands data development for forecasts and capacity planning, builds flexible routing models for multiple customers, focuses on providing service required with cost management alternatives, and interfaces with operations management to account for local conditions.  Accuracy, speed, reliability, and design creativity are the competencies required for a person within this role.
Job Description:
  • Develop and utilize forecasts to allocate capacity and adjust routing.
  • Route design for asset management, hours management, and capacity.
  • Develop and maintain flexible logistics models for rapid design and adjustment to business changes.
  • Provide cost and price analysis for potential customers
  • Plan route changes between business cycles (seasonality)
  • Account for DOT requirements when designing routes
  • Measure capacity requirements of various product types for logistics models
  • Coordinate with Routing team for input and system support
  • Maintain files and historical records of projects, models, and data
  • Develop and maintain reporting of logistics results
  • Monitor logistics results to identify areas of opportunity
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science/Mathematics/Engineering
  • 4-8 years relevant experience
  • Proficient in MS Access
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